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The Slovak municipalities are headed by almost three thousand mayors, eight robes and a total of more than 21,000 Members. Municipalities manage almost seven billion euros. They own billions more in assets and are also run by thousands of organisations and hundreds of business firms. There is therefore also a great deal of room for corruption, clientelism and inefficitiveness, to which hundreds of citizens have been drawing our attention for years.

Many suggestions and cases we try to investigate and publish or at least direct people, since 2010 we have measured the openness of municipalities through transparency rankings and we also provide advice to towns, municipalities and counties based on examples of good practice. Since 2004, hundreds of active citizens and local politicians have also undergone our regular training courses, where they not only gain knowledge and experience from all sorts of areas in self-government, but also network and further help themselves with problems in their towns and villages.

These seminars led us to the idea of some of the inspirational stories and experiences recorded online in the form of manuals that could help people in similar situations anywhere in Slovakia.In this section of the Transparency Academy you will find case studies from affected municipalities or areas, mini-presentations on public procurement, legal advice, minimum for new local MPs or quizzes dedicated to self-government.

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