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Monitoring Transparency in Healthcare

Dates: May 2012 – April 2013

Donors: Bayer, Dôvera zdravotná poisťovňa, Siemens, GSK, Novartis, Sanofi

Partner: INEKO

People: Zuzana Dančíková, Gabriel Šípoš


1. Monitoring and analysis of pharmaceuticals and medical device suppliers’ expenditures

  • compliance with law
  • suggestions for improvement
  • web-application enabling simple data detection and comparison

2. Analysis of ethics and quality in the process of categorization of pharmaceuticals and medical tools

  • compliance with law
  • conflicts of interest
  • case studies comparing the quality of bidding in categorization

3. Monitoring the quality and ethics of healthcare providers’ purchases of pharmaceuticals and medical devices

  • Analysis of purchases based on public contracts, case studies

4. Analysis of donors sponsoring foundations and NGOs in healthcare

  • ranking of foundations’, patients’ and NGOs’ openness based on disclosed data on donors
  • web-application summarizing disclosed data