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O 43% veľkých verejných obstarávaní v roku 2010 súťažil len jeden kandidát

Significant public tenders attracted only 2 bids on average

One of the features of a poorly functional system of public procurement in Slovakia is a limited level of competition for public tenders. In the year 2010 the average number of bidders for public tenders was less than 2 companies (exactly 1.6 bids per one public tender). Staggering 43% of big public tenders in the last year ended with just one valid bid. These foundings result from a TIS analysis which was based on information from more than 3100 publicly available results from public procurement. Total sum of these tenders was 7.7 billion euros and the results were published in the “Vestnik” of public procurement which is run byt the Public Procurement Office.

More information in Slovak.

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