How can you show your support?

Your every act of support and every donation is important because it helps to fight corruption!

To be precise, it means that with your support we are able to (for example):

10 €

We can provide an expert advice to a journalist who informs the public on non-transparent practices and corruption-related issues.

100 €

We can publish an analysis of a current situation in the fight against corruption and increase of the transparency areas in a newspaper or on a blog.

500 €

We can cover the weekly fee of an expert analyst who will monitor the behaviour of public institutions or companies (e.g. in the areas of healthcare, public tenders, law-making, municipalities etc.);

2 000 €

We can cover the costs of the programming and managing of the “Open Courts” portal Otvorené súdy for one whole year or prepare an analysis of judgements dealing with the way corruption is punished in Slovakia.

More information on the way we utilise your donations can be found in the summary document Transparency v roku 2017Transparency in 2017”, in our annual reports, our newsletters or in our statement titled “How we improved the state administration”.


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