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Most Open Towns are Sala, Banska Bystrica and Martin

Sala, Banska Bystrica and Martin have the most open self-governments in Slovakia for 2010. The least open are Zlate Moravce, Smizany and Krompachy. Transparency International Slovakia (TIS) carried out this evaluation which was based on the scale of anti-corruption measures but also on the quality of information that towns provide on their websites and on replies to formal information requests under Freedom of Information Act.

TIS evaluated 100 largest municipalities in 11 policy areas. These  included access to information, public participation, public procurement, personnel policies, housing and social serrvices, grants and subsidies, etc. TIS measured the quality of formal rules on the basis of 112 answers and transparent measures already put in place, such as introduction of e-auctions, publishing a list of contracts and invoices on the website, the existence of the Code of Ethics or providing the declaration of assets of the Mayor at the request.

The results also show that on average, it is the bigger  municipalities, and those led by nominees of the Green Party, SDKU-DS and KDH, that are more transparent. Municipalities from the Zilina Region had the highest average score. On the contrary, smaller self-governments led by nominees of HZDS, KSS, ANO, and the municipalities from the Kosice and Trnava Regions are on average the worst in openness.

Complete results for all self-governments are available in English at:

Press release (PDF) (in Slovak)


Gabriel Šípoš, Tomáš Jacko, Ivan Rončák