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Corruption Barometer 2010 – Each Ninth Household has been asked for a Bribe

Every fourth Slovak household, handling any problem last year  in health care, gave the bribe. Further, the most frequent experience was with bribery on land offices (15.8%), offices offering certificates and licenses (15.6%) and courts (14.8%). It resulted from the survey Global Corruption Barometer 2010 conducted by Transparency International Slovakia, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Fund and the British Embassy in Slovakia.

Research results presented by Gabriel Sipos on December, 9th, 2010, The World Day of against Corruption shows that Slovaks perceive  the courts as the most corrupt institution. Almost half of the population is confident (45.3%) that the courts are completely or very corrupt. For other positions Slovaks see the officials in state and public administration (38.1%) and business (36.9%).

Only 8% of Slovaks asked for a bribe in the last year reported corruption. One third of those would not report corruption argues, that it would not solve anything (31.5%), one fourth of them  is afraid of  retaliation (25.9%).

The Global Corruption Barometer, conducted by Transparency International, is a survey that assesses general public attitudes toward, and experience of, corruption in dozens of countries around the world. Worldwide seventh year of Barometer 2010, is historically the largest and includes the views of more than 90 000 respondents from 87 countries. In Slovakia Barometer was surveyed for the first time.


For more information:

Press release presenting the results of the Global Corruption Barometer (PDF) (in Slovak)

Questions and Answers about Global Corruption Barometer
(PDF) (in Slovak)
Sites of survey (in English) –
Full results of the Slovak part of the survey together with a questionnaire (PDF) (in Slovak)

Data Download:

Dataset (MS Office 2003, CSV)
Codebook (PDF, MS Office 2003)