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Decrease of Slovakia in CPI continues

According to the latest edition of the world most cited corruption index, Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International, Slovakia continues to decline. According to the index measuring the perceived levels of public sector corruption in 2009 on a scale from 0 (most perceived corruption) to 10 (least perceived corruption), Slovakia has achieved a score of 4.3. Total occupied the 59th-61st place of 178 surveyed countries, and compared to previous year declined by 5 bars.

This year three countries are placed in the first place – Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore (the same score 9.3). Corruption in the public sector was most perceived by respondents in Somalia (1.1, 178th), Afghanistan and Myanmar (both 1.4, 176th-177th place).

Slovakia belongs to the tail of the first third of the countries with the lowest perceived corruption. The only country that is worse in the European Union is Italy (3.9, 67th), Romania (3.7, respectively. 69th-72nd), Bulgaria (3.6, 73rd-77th) and Greece (3, 5, 78th-84th). Compared to Slovakia best score of 5.0 in 2008, Slovakia has decreased by 0.7 points, in comparison with th last year the score was declined by by 0.2 points.

Press release (PDF) (in Slovak)

Complete ranking of Corruption Perceptions Index 2010

Gabriel Sipos, Matej Kurian

Press release (PDF)

Complete ranking Corruption Perceptions Index 2010