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Investigation of tenders at the MFA within Slovak Presidency requested

Testimony of the former MFA employee hints at breaking of the law

Fictitious selection of contractors, keeping information secret from the public, and misuse of funds by then-ruling political party for the Slovak Presidency in the Council of the EU is implied in the testimony of the former MFA employee Zuzana Hlávková, as well as in the work of Transparency International.

Transparency has filed motions at three Slovak control authorities, Office for Public Procurement, Antimonopoly Office and the Supreme Audit Office, to inspect the legality of selection of the organizer of opening concerts and the presentation of the Presidency logo. At the same time, we appeal to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajčák to make available to the public full documentation regarding the said Presidency events, and that in case of misconduct he requests a refund of the spent funds and holds those responsible accountable.

The testimony of Zuzana Hlávková and the findings of Transparency International are further elaborated in the article How I Left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to Dubious Procurement Contracts