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SaS and SDKÚ-DS have the best anti-corruption programs

A comparison of pre-election programs of all 18 candidate parties has shown that SaS and SDKÚ-DS are the parties with the highest quality programs in the fight against corruption. Together with two parties KDH and Most – Híd (3rd and 4th place) offer sufficiently extensive programs to reduce the level of corruption in Slovakia in case of participation in the government.

Programs of the other parties contain only the minimum of draft measures and refer to a general reference of the need to do something. ĽS-HZDS, which according to opinion polls has the best chance to get into Parliament, is the party with the weakest public anti-corruption program. (Click on the table right)

At average, the most elaborate area was the judiciary, which according to the parties absent greater transparency (publication of judgments, recording the hearing) and quality of judgments (a stricter and more open selection of judges, evaluation of judges) in accordance with the recommendations of the TIS. The second best covered area was the access to information where disclosure of all contracts relating to public finance dominates between proposals in a user-friendly database on the Internet. However, the parties at least specifically devoted to the problem of corruption in the activities of local and regional authorities and completely ignored the need to tighten controls and establish an independent oversight of the party financing.

In assessing the effectiveness of solutions, we based on recommendations which TIS includes in a document called Anti-corruption minimum 2010.

See the selection of anti-corruption parts of the electoral programs in terms of corruption.