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Statutes of Limitations disable Effective Prosecution of Politicians

In principle Slovak politicians are intouchable during the investigation of possible corruption in practice and, moreover, their statues of limitations, including corruption offenses, run at the same time. The probability that political corruption cases end by convictions and sentences is very low. According to Transparency International Slovakia (TIS) statues of limitations for government representatives should be suspended during the function of the high-ranking officials. After the performance of functions the investigators didn´t have enough time to prove any corruption of politicians.

In the Slovak Republic the length of the statutes of limitations is defined due to the seriousness of the committed crime. For offences related to corruption, the length of statutes of limitations varies from five to twenty years. In one election period of four years politicians are therefore in less serious corrupt crimes in practice non-punishable. In the years 2006-2009 in pre-trial proceedings total of 83 procedures relating to corruption were suspended due to expiry of the statutes of limitations.

More details:
Press release (PDF) (in Slovak)

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Pavel Nechala, Gabriel Šípoš, Miroslava Pagáčová

Transparency International Slovakia