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TIS asks the Government of the SR on the publication of aid beneficiaries after floods

With regard to state aid for flood victims Transparency International Slovakia (TIS) recommends the government to publish detailed rules for granting aid, the list of applicants, a list of approved recipients, reason and amount in euros on the website immediately after the approval of contributions. Although at least one thousand posts have been approved, the list is still not publicly available.

The award must be made within a very short time in order to be effective as it counts with approximately 18,000 beneficiaries. According to published information mayors, district offices, headquarters of Labour, Social Affairs and Family as well as ministries participate on the elaboration and approval of lists. Thus there is a risk that not all the contributions actually go to the families affected by floods.

TIS concerns result from multiple corruption scandals of the ruling coalition, the increased politicization of government and disinterest to prepare an effective anti-corruption program. Moreover, Prime Minister Robert Fico has publicly declared that the equivalent grant applications will prefer their own mayors or sympathizers.

Current published lists of beneficiaries will allow public scrutiny, particularly at the municipal level, whether the public funds are allocated fairly, efficiently and on time.

Gabriel Sipos, director of Transparency International Slovakia