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TIS requires open selection procedures for the position of chairman of Office for Public Procurement

Following recent debate about selection the position of chair of the Office for Public Procurement as well as work and functioning of the office TIS instead of political nomination recommends  to select the chair by selection procedure, together with the condition of expertise of candidate in the the field.

In our opinion, in past 4 years no steps to eliminate of corruption in this field was carried out, the same evidence provides actual opinion poll according to which public do not perceive improvement and 3/4 of  respondents are convinced that corruption in public procurement occur often or rather always. The extent of procurement in public sector is approximately 5 mld. annually.

TIS presented 15 measures how to eliminate corruption and increas transparency in public procurement, e.g. to establish responsibility of the office for effectivity of procurement by law, to sum up and make clear legislation and information about tenders and to make e-auctions mandatory.

Press release (in Slovak)