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Audit and preparation of selected anti-corruption measures in the town of Martin

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In May 2011 the city of Martin was given the UN Public Service Award  for excellence in adopting the anticorruption reforms.

Chronology of project audit and preparation of anti-corruption measures in the town of Martin (in Slovak)

TI Working paper Corruption and Local Government (in English) / October 2009

TIS Report about the Project – Transparent Local Government (in English) / February 2009

Draft of anti-corruption measures for the town of Martin (Report on second phase of the project) (in Slovak) / January 2009

Martin Town already know their corruption weaknesses and wants to remove them (in Slovak) / 16.september 2008

TIS report from policies audit (Report on first phase of the project) (in Slovak) / September 2008

Martin Town has the ambition to be a flagship in the fight against corruption (in Slovak) / 22 July 2008

People: Emília Sičáková – Beblavá, Ivan Rončák, Vladimír Pirošík, Miroslava Pagáčová, Jiří Vlach, Pavel Nechala, Ľubica Slimáková