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Prievidza has an ambition to be more transparent town

The town of Prievidza, in cooperation with Transparency International Slovakia since September 2010, cooperates on developing anti-corruption strategies in the town of Prievidza. In the Slovak conditions after the town of Martin it is the second stronger local government efforts to limit systemic corruption and enhance transparency.

In the coming months TIS will realize an audit of selected policies of the town, and then prepare and propose Prievidza comprehensive package of anti-corruption measures. We assume that the development and proposal of a package of anti-corruption measures by TIS will be followed by its introduction into the practice itself Prievidza.

Currently, audit is designed to diagnose an existing condition of transparency, openness and quality of anti-corruption mechanisms in Prievidza policies. Audit regards the 18 town policies, which concern areas such as sales and property rental, filling of vacancies and positions, procurement, access to information on the functioning of government, ethics, elected representatives and town staff , transparent land planning, the allocation of housing and others. TIS assumes the end of audit in November 2010, audit report will be presented to the general public.