Názov: The Register of Beneficial Ownership in Slovakia: Revolutionary transparency, questionable implementation, unsure benefits
Autorstvo: Juraj Labant, Gabriel Šípoš
Téma: register of beneficial ownership, ex-post analysis
Anotácia: On the other hand, the Slovak registration system is rather costly. Verification through external attorneys costs as much as 15 million euros per year. Better impact monitoring is also required. Nevertheless, expanding publicly accessible beneficial ownership register to all companies in 2018 is likely to boost the potential for less motivation of carrying out corrupt or tax fraud transactions in the future.
Rok vydania: 2017
Vydavateľstvo: Transparency International Slovakia
Počet strán: 7
Jazyk: english
Donor: Eurodad, Open Society Foundation
Kľúčové slová: register konečných užívateľov výhod / register partnerov verejného sektora, nedostatky, ex-post analýza
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