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2 % tax donation for Slovakia without corruption


We fight against corruption and bribery and increase transparency of public institutions. We watch the powerful who make important decisions as well as we promote solutions which save our money and engage people in public control.

We implement it on a nationwide and local level. Our local politicians influence construction in regions, condition of roads and parking spots, what schools our children attend, where the trees are cut or how big a property and dog tax we pay.


Give 2 % of your tax to build Slovakia without corruption.


You can do this as an individual, but also as an entrepreneur or a legal person.

The process is simple and you will need the following information:


Name: Transparency International Slovakia

Legal entity: civic association

OIN: 31817823

Address – street: Bajkalská

Orientation number: 25

ZIP code: 82718

City: Bratislava


Subsequently, you need to follow the instructions, depending on whether you submit a tax return:

1 By yourself

2 By your employer

3 And want to donate 1%/2% as a legal person for your company.

In all the options, however, you need to provide the information above in your tax return.


In case of any questions or uncertainties, do not hesitate to contact us at

We are here to help you.

Thank you for helping us to create Slovakia free of corruption!