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About us


Our mission is to reduce corruption and increase transparency of the institutions.
We observe the powerful, propose solutions, and engage people in public control.


Slovakia and the world with responsible people and open institutions without corruption.


  • Transparency,
  • Following the rules,
  • Personal responsibility,
  • Public participation in governance,
  • Effective use of public resources.



Transparency International was founded in Berlin in 1993 by a group of economists who were increasingly aware of the major impediments to corruption in the fight against poverty in developing countries.

At present, Transparency has more than a hundred branches with it headquarters in Berlin, Germany. The Slovak branch was established in 1998 by the initiative of Eugen Jurzyca, Director of the Center for Economic Development. In 2002, it started to act alone as an independent civic association – Transparency International Slovakia. From the beginning until 2009, the President was Emília Sičáková – Beblavá. Since September 2009, Transparency has been led by Gabriel Šípoš.

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