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Privacy Policy and processing of personal data

Transparency International, Non-Governmental Organization is committed to ensure privacy and take the utmost care in securing personal data of all users of its official website (hereafter “TI-SK” website). Designated administrator of the website is:


Transparency International Slovakia

Non-Governmental Organization
Identification number: 31817823
with seat Bratislava, Bajkalská 25, PSČ: 827 18
(hereafter as „TI-SK”)

You can contact TI-SK via email of by phone at:

phone number: 00421905 613 779


This Privacy Policy governs all pages on the TI-SK Website, while TI-SK acts as a controller as set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation, the GDPR, (Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data).

The Privacy Policy does not apply to pages hosted by other organizations, including the websites of TI Secretariat in Berlin, TI National Chapters or related organizations or third-party sites. The TI Website may be linked to the websites of such other parties, but those other sites may have their own privacy policy which applies to them.

The TI-SK website may be used without providing personal details. However, exceptions which are explained below may apply to certain services provided by TI-SK website, which are designed to inform the users of TS-SK website about the manner, extent and purpose of processing personal data

Personal data processing may lead to transfer of data to third parties. This transfer is always performed in accordance with the GDPR either on the basis of your consent or other applicable legal basis (performance of contract, fulfillment of legal obligation, legitimate interest of TI-SK). Unless otherwise stated below, your personal data are processed exclusively on the territory of EU, the data is not extended to third parties and do not serve as basis for profiling or automated processing.

Retention of personal data shall not be extended for longer than the period necessary for fulfillment of our contractual duties, or legal obligation, or reparation of claims for liability for damages.


1       Cookies

2       Server data

3       Google analytics

4       Contacting us

5       Newsletter and use of MailChimp a MailMunch applications

6       Individual donors and the system

7       Your rigts

1 Cookies

TI-SK website makes use of so-called cookies, small text files downloaded by your internet browser and stored on your computer. They are used to identify repeat use of the TI-SK website, and improve services provided by TI-SK website. Most of the files are deleted from your computer once you leave our TI-SK website.

However, cookies may transfer information used to automatically recognize you. Recognition occurs through an IP address saved to the cookies. The information thereby obtained is used to improve our services and to expedite your access to the TI Website.

TI-SK website uses three types of cookies: necessary, functional and analytical.

Necessary: These are cookies that are necessary for proper functioning of the TI-SK website and not accepting them may considerably hamper or disable browsing of the TI-SK website. This type of cookies does not retain information once you leave the TI-SK website.

Functional cookies: This type of cookies is used to optimize your user experience and retain information such use type of a browser, language, font size and other display settings, including after you leave the TI-SK website.

Analytical cookies: These cookies are used to track usage of our TI-SK website and help analyze statistics of error messages. Data collected by these cookies is not linked to individual users but is used solely for statistical purposes and enhancing proper functioning and optimizing of TI-SK website.

You can prevent cookies from being installed by adjusting the settings on your browser software accordingly. However, doing so may influence proper functioning of some functions of TI-SK website. In case some of the functions is not working properly, it is advised to check cookies settings in your internet browser.

2 Server data

For technical reasons, some of the following data are collected and transmitted to us through your internet browser, in particular:

  • Type and version of the browser you use
  • Website URL that linked you to our TI-SK website
  • Websites you visited
  • Date and time of your last visit
  • Your IP address

These anonymous data are retained separately from other data you previously provided and hence it is unable to link them with a particular person. These data are used for statistical purposes with an aim to improve our TI-SK website and our services

3 Google analytics

TI-SK website uses Google Analytics service used for website analysis, provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA. Google Analytics uses cookies files for the purpose of analyzing TI-SK website usage.

Information collected by cookies (such as IP address, time, date, frequency of website usage TI-SK) are transmitted to Google Inc. location. TI-SK makes use of Google Analytics with anonymization feature of IP addresses. Each IP address is thereby shortened for the purpose of anonymization before its transfer outside the EU territory.

These data are used solely for the analysis of TI-SK website usage. These data are never paired with other data you might have previously provided to Google Inc.

You can prevent cookies from being installed by adjusting the settings on your browser software accordingly. However, doing so may influence proper functioning of some functions of TI-SK website. In case some of the functions is not working properly, it is advised to check cookies settings in your internet browser.

4 Contacting us

Our website provides you with an option to contact us directly by e-email. In such case information provided by the sender are retained solely for the purpose of facilitating communication between the sender and TI-SK. No information is provided to third parties. Data are not paired with other data which might have been gathered through other components of TI-SK website.

5 Newsletter and use of MailChimp a MailMunch applications

Consent to receive the newsletter

The TI-SK website allows you to subscribe to the TI-SK newsletter. The newsletter provides you with regular information on our activities in the field of the fight against corruption. In order to send you the newsletter, we need your consent to the processing of your personal data in the form of your e-mail address, name and surname. In addition to this information, you can decide whether to provide us with your telephone number and address.

You express consent by confirming the following consensual clause: “Transparency International Slovakia will use the information from this form to stay in touch with you and provide you with updates on our work in the field of the fight against corruption. Please choose how you want to stay in touch with us:

  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Postal items

You can change your choice at any time by clicking the edit settings link, and you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link located in the footer of each email you receive from us. You can also notify us of your decision by e-mail at We will treat your personal data with respect for your rights. Detailed information on how your data is processed can be found here: By clicking on the “Subscribe” link, you express your consent that we may process your personal data in accordance with the above conditions. ”

Your IP address, name and surname, as well as the date and time of the consent will be recorded to record your consent to receive the newsletter and to process the necessary personal data. This information is necessary to comply with the legal obligations imposed on us by the GDPR.

The data is not paired with other data that may have been obtained by other parts of the TI-SK website.

Consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of sending the newsletter is recorded using the MailChimp and MailMunch applications.


Sending a newsletter based on a legitimate interest

In some cases, a newsletter may be sent to you based on TI-SK’s legitimate interest. These are situations where you have not given us explicit consent to receive the newsletter, but you have provided us with your contact details in other ways, for example by donation or supporting a petition or campaign. In this case, it is of our mutual interest that you are informed about how we handled your donation or what results we achieved. We are a transparent organization and therefore it is in our interest that all our donors and supporters are informed about our activities and the results of our work.

Similar to sending the newsletter on the basis of consent, data about your name, surname, e-mails and, if you decide, telephone number are processed. You can also unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.


Sending a newsletter via MailChimp

We use the MailChimp application to send a newsletter to its subscribers. MailChimp is a service provided by The Rocket Science Group, LLC, 512 Means Street, Suite 404, Atlanta, GA 30318, USA.

Data stored upon registration for the newsletter and consent to the processing of personal data will be stored on a server operated by The Rocked Science Group, LLC in accordance with GDPR rules and the EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement.

More information about the privacy policy provided by MailChimp is available at:

Further information on the EU-US Privacy Shield is available on the European Commission’s website: -shield_en.

You can change your choice about how to be informed about TI-SK activities at any time without any penalty. You can also unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time and withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data by clicking on the unsubscribe link located at the footer of each e-mail you receive from us. You can also notify us of your decision by e-mail at

Newsletter tracking

Our newsletter contains the so-called “Web bugs” that allow us to track whether and when an email has been read and which hyperlinks its recipient has clicked on.

We store this data in order to improve the newsletter so that it better meets the wishes and interests of its customers. This data is also used to send a personalized newsletter to its subscribers.

If you unsubscribe from the newsletter, we will not process this data further.

6 Individual donors and the system

The TI-SK website enables all people who are not indifferent about corruption to support our activities with financial donations. However, your personal data is processed when you afford a donation. Your name and surname, e-mail, donation and bank details are processed, and if you decide, your telephone number. We need this information to fulfil our legal obligations as well as our contractual obligations to you. We must process these data during the entire existence of TI-SK, resp. throughout the existence of the legal obligation.

To provide / receive financial donations, we use the Donate application, which is operated by the Center for Philanthropy, n.o., with its registered office at Baštová 5, 811 03 Bratislava, ID number: 318 21 71. Processing of personal data by the Centre for Philanthropy, n.o. and use of the Donate application is governed by their own terms of use. These are available at:

7 Your rights

The data subject (the person whose personal data is processed) has several rights that he/she/they can exercise against TI-SK in connection with the processing of his/her/their personal data. These rights are:

  • access to personal data: you have the right to obtain confirmation from TI-SK whether we process your personal data and, if so, you have the right to obtain access to them as well as to other information listed in Art. 15 GDPR;
  • rectification of personal data: if you find that your personal data which TI-SK processes is inaccurate, you can request their rectification; in some cases, you may also request that they be supplemented with regard to the purpose of the processing;
  •  erasure of personal data: in the cases referred to in Art. 17 GDPR you can request the erasure of your personal data (this is the so-called right to be forgotten)
  •  restriction of the processing of personal data: in the cases referred to in Art. 18 GDPR you can request a restriction of the processing of personal data
  • data portability: you have the right to obtain your personal data from us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format; at the same time, you have the right to transfer this data to another operator under the conditions set out in Art. 20 GDPR
  • object to the processing of personal data: if we process your personal data on a legal basis of legitimate interest, you have to object to the processing on grounds relating to your specific situation; details are set out in Art. 21 GDPR

You can exercise these rights by sending a written request or e-mail request to TI-SK. If we have any doubts about your identity, we may ask you to provide additional information necessary to confirm your identity.

If you believe that TI-SK violates your rights by unauthorized processing of personal data, then you have the right to contact the relevant supervisory body, which is the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic.

Please note that in some cases set out in the GDPR, we are not obliged to comply with your request (in whole or in part). In any case, after receiving your request, we will inform you about the result of its processing.

Contact details for exercising the rights:

Transparency International Slovakia
Bajkalská 25
827 18 Bratislava