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Whistleblowing predstavuje alternatívu oproti mlčaniu o nekalých praktikách, ktoré sa dejú v našom okolí. Oznámenia z vnútra organizácií predstavujú najefektívnejší spôsob odhaľovania podvodov – sú dokonca trikrát efektívnejšie ako vnútorný audit. Preto pomáhame whistleblowerom, ako Zuzana Hlávková, o nekalých praktikách prehovoriť a zasadzujeme sa za ich silnú ochranu.


Whistleblowing is an alternative to keeping quiet about the malpractices happening around us. Reports from the inside of organizations are the most effective way to unravel deceptions/frauds. In reality, they are three times more effective than an internal audit. That is why we are help and protect the whistleblowers, such as Zuzana Hlávková, to speak out about such malpractices.

Why is it a problem?

27% of citizens in Slovakia stated that the main reason why they would not report corruption is fear of the consequences. The fear of losing the job, revenge from the employer, or any other personal issues are usually the main reasons why people do not report corruption in their workplace. In other situations, citizens tend to worry whether their report will be thoroughly looked into. Such obstacles should be eliminated by the law to protect the whistleblowers. -It should protect the employment of the whistleblower and ensure the proper investigation of such reports within the organization.

The access to legal protection and its effectivity allows the employees to speak up and point the finger at the malpractices inside the organization. On the other hand, the use of the internal systems for reporting allows organizations to reveal such malpractice, investigate and eliminate it. The protection of the employment, as well as the protection of a person, are available to all those who make a report, either to the police or inside of their organization.

Our solution

We help to protect the whistleblowers, ensure they get professional help and support and offer advice on how to proceed safely while reporting a corruption case/act. If the case allows, we help the whistleblowers by investigating the public expenses. We monitor the access to help of people who made a report about a malpractice. We educate labour inspectors to effectively increase the accessibility of help for the whistleblowers. We also control the implementation and use of internal channels for reporting in public institutions. We help create a safe environment for raising doubts and their proper investigation inside the organizations (focusing on public administrations and private employers). Furthermore, we inform about the cases of whistleblowing in Slovakia and abroad, thanks to which we build a positive image of reporting and whistleblowing.

Our Achievements

We collaborated on the preparation and implementation of the Whistleblowing Act. We stand for accepting common standards when it comes to protection of whistleblowers in the whole EU. We regularly monitor the implementation of the Whistleblowers Act on several levels. On one hand, we do so on the level of activities of the labour inspectorates, which provide protection to the people who filed a report. On the other hand, we monitor the use of internal channels for taking care of the motions inside of the central organs of the public administration, regions and hospitals. Perhaps the most shining example of our achievements is the support of Zuzana Hlávková, who reported the increased costs of cultural events of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the preparations for the Slovak presidency of the Council of the EU.