In Transparency International Slovakia, we invited representatives of Slovak cities to a workshop aimed at increasing transparency in municipal communities

The workshop titled How to increase transparency in municipalities? took place on February 27, 2013.

The workshop featured 2 lectures:

  • E-learning course as an innovative instrument for limiting corruption in the municipal community, in which we focused on the following questions:
    • How to design an anti-corruption strategy?
    • What anti-corruption instruments can be used?
    • How can e-learning help municipalities at doing this?

    Please see the e-learning course’s website (in Slovak) for more information.

  • Analysis of the chart Open self-government ’12, in which we looked at:
    • The most common problems of local governments which appeared in Transparency International’s rating
    • Case studies from cities participating in the rating
    • Recommendations and room for improvement in individual areas

    The presentation from the workshop can be found here. More information on the process of rating and the actual outcome of the Open self-government 2012 chart can be found on the website (available also in ENGLISH)

Thank you for your participation!