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2% tax for Slovakia without corruption

At Transparency, we fight bribery and increase the transparency of public institutions. We follow the powerful who make important decisions, push for solutions that save our money and involve people in public scrutiny. See what we did in 2021 (or previous years 2019, 2020) thanks to your support.

We will use your support from 2% this year to:

  • Evaluation of self-governing periodicals and monitoring of self-governing elections.
  • Careful scrutiny of the government's anti-corruption policies , from draft laws to nominations to offices.
  • Monitoring of the purchase of protective equipment, tests or vaccinations against Covid-19 or the use of subsidies to deal with the consequences of the corona crisis from public funds.
  • Verification of the presence of letterbox companies in the background of state contracts.
  • Help and advice to courageous people (so-called whistleblowers)who come out against unfair practices and corruption in the workplace.
  • Extending (by cooperation or lawsuit) citizens' access to information about how their money is spent in cities, counties or state-owned firms and ministries.
  • Control of media and corruption scandals, judges, prosecutors and police in corruption investigations.
  • Detection of corruption in health care and state-owned companies.


Pay 2% tax on a better Slovakia without corruption.

You can do so as an individual, entrepreneur or legal entity. The procedure is simple and you will need the following information for it:

Name: Transparency International Slovakia
Legal form: civil association
ID: 31817823
Headquarters-street: Baikalská
Inventory/indicative number: 25
Zip code: 82718
Village: Bratislava

Follow these instructions, depending on whether you get your tax return:

  1. You serve yourself,
  2. it is submitted for you by the employer,
  3. You want to donate 1%/2% as a legal entity for your business.

However, in all cases, the above information must be included in the tax return.


If you want to support Transparency International Slovakia with your 2% tax and you have some questions, please contact or call +421 905 613 779.