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Online campaigns before 2022 elections had multiple systemic problems

Political advertising in the online environment is on the rise in Europe, but the currentregulation, fragmented among individualmember states, does not correspond tosuch a trend, with serious gaps in the transparency of the expenses of political actors. The amount spent on political ads in theVisegrad countries in social media since 2019 exceeds the amounts declared bypolitical parties at elections by far. 


The experts agree that national regulations fail to suffciently take into an account the rise of the phenomenon of online advertising and the expansion of the possibilities for circumventing the rules it creates. The proposed recommendations are a contribution to the discussion on the implementation of the new European directive and the necessary legislative changes.


Title: Making political finance and advertisement in the Visegrad region more transparent
Autorship: Michal Piško, Ľuboš Kostelanský, Kristína Kroková
Topic: Transparency of political advertising
Year of publication: 2022
Publisher: Transparency International Slovensko
Number of pages: 13
Language: English
Donor: Visegrad Fund
Keywords: Political advertising, transparency, online advertising, election monitoring